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Grana Padano PDO is a traditional Italian cheese made of cow milk and with a minimum refining time of 9 months. Its pressed dough brings a crumbly and granular texture from which its “Grana Padano” name comes. It is said to be born in the plain of the Pô as from the 7th century and many consider it as one of the oldest Italian cheeses. Certified PDO since June 12th 1996, the Grana Padano PDO is appreciated for its soft and delicate flavour offering an intense taste. It may be tasted either cut into small pieces served with the aperitif or grated on pasta or in a risotto. If you prepare ravioli, do not hesitate to add the Grana Padano PDO in the stuffing, it will bring a fruity taste to your dish.


Bag 1kg

A 1KG bag for professionals.


Bag - Gratted 500g

Bag of 500G for a professional service.