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Taleggio AOP is a cow milk cheese in square form. Made in the province of Bergamo and referring to the “Valley of Taleggio”, it can be produced and matured only in Lombardy. Taleggio AOP is a soft dough cheese in a washed crust, of slightly brown colour more or less pronounced according to the stage of maturity of the cheese function of a refining from 1 to 2 months in fresh and wet cellar. Its dough is creamy, soft, of the colour of straw and it releases a typical herbaceous and fruity smell. Taleggio AOP can be proposed at the end of the meal, on a cheese board, accompanied with dried fruits, figs or grapes. You can also melt it very easily in your preparations of pastas and risottos so that it spreads all its flavours.


Paper film 2kg

Creamy and soft, this Taleggio PDO is traditionally made with a “square” form. Fruity and typical, this cheese of a unique taste, can be shared at the end of a meal, or incorporated into your original recipes.