our story

Discover Michelangelo, Italian gourmet masterpieces.

Michelangelo is the signature of a range of Italian cheeses and specialities, perfect for any foodie

Michelangelo was born from the desire to discover the best of Italian gastronomy, recognised for making something exceptional from simple ingrédients.

That’s how the Divine artist Michelangelo de Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni became a source of inspiration to offer the consumers some real fine gourmet masterpieces.

To achieve this, each day we work in line with our values:

. The selection of the best quality ingrédients

. The precision of authentic manufacturing

. The realism of the producers, proud of their know how

. The creativity that our products offer to those who will be cooking with them


Selection of raw materials

Authentic manufacture

Taste with no compromise

Pleasure and creativity